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What Is a Rose Cut Diamond? | Guide to This Amazing Vintage-Looking Gem!


Author: Alene Geed

Antique-cut diamonds are becoming more popular in modern-day jewelry. Their hand-cut facets play with light uniquely, providing a distinct sparkle. Rose cut diamonds are among these, providing a vintage vibe you can't ignore. If you are a jewelry enthusiast, consider adding a rose cut to your collection. So what is a rose cut diamond? 

Key Takeaways

  • Rose cut diamonds originated in the 15th century.
  • The name Rose Cut comes from its shape since they resemble the shape of a rosebud.
  • Rose cut diamonds have a flat base and a dome-shaped top.
  • A typical rose cut diamond has 3 to 24 triangular facets.
  • The rose cut carries all its weight on top of the diamond.

Perhaps you haven't heard about it, or you've heard but never seen one. It's time to learn something about these handcrafted gems and decide whether you can get a rose-cut engagement ring. 

What Is a Rose Cut Diamond?

A rose cut diamond gets its name from its shape, resembling that of a rosebud. It has a flat base and a domed top with triangular facets. The number of facets varies, from as few as 3 to as many as 24. 

The flat-bottom rose cuts have two noticeable features: 

  • It has no facets to reflect light, making the gem transparent. It has a calm appearance, contrary to the disco-ball sparkle of brilliant cut diamonds.
  • The rose cut diamond carries all its carat weight on top of the diamond. Therefore, this diamond appears bigger (when viewed from the top) than a brilliant-cut diamond of the same carat weight. Brilliant cut diamonds hold their weight internally. 
rose cut types in the vintage frame

The History of Rose Cut Diamonds

The rose cut diamond originated in the 15th century and was popular during the Victorian era. These stones were cut like other antique diamonds and designed to be their best under low light conditions. The cutters included wide and large facets. Rose cut diamond rings became popular during those times.  

Cutters consider the rough diamond shape when cutting these gems. They aim to retain the original carat weight as much as they can. That's why the perimeter of most antique rose cuts follows the diamond crystal instead of a perfectly round diamond shape

Many people associate roses with love and romance. Therefore, a rose cut diamond can be perfect for your engagement ring

How to Choose Rose Cut Diamond

Like any other diamond type, pick a rose cut based on the 4Cs. These are:

  • Carat
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Cut

Remember that every diamond purchased must be certified by a world-leading organization like the GIA.

3 rose cut diamonds in a row

Here are the 4Cs in detail:


A rose cut diamond doesn't carry any weight at the bottom of the diamond. All its weight contributes to its size. It makes rose cut diamonds appear larger than other diamonds of the same weight. Thus, rose cut diamonds are more cost-effective, though they are not among the cheapest diamond cuts out there.


Because rose cuts are typically transparent, it is easy to notice any blemishes or flaws. The clear facets, dome-shaped top, and flat bottom make it easy to see through the diamond. 

While most rose cut diamonds have some flaws, ensure that the flaws in the diamond you pick aren't visible to the naked eye. Select rose cut diamonds graded SI1 (Slightly Included) or higher on the clarity scale. 


Rose cut diamonds have unique properties that make them more versatile than other diamonds in color. Their transparent nature makes them look spectacular with warm tones like yellow, emerald, sapphire, and champagne. 

Because appearance is sometimes a personal preference, the color grading on the diamond certification may not affect your decision. Look at how the rose cut diamond appears in person, then decide. 


The rose cut emerged before electricity, and cutters intended it to look its best under candlelight. That is why the rose cuts have 3 to 24 facets while today's Leo diamonds have as many as 66 facets. 

diamonds on the white surface

Unique Features of Rose Cut Diamonds 

The rose cut diamond has unique features that make it a perfect choice if you want something unique in your collection. The features include: 

  • Rose cuts have a flat base
  • A maximum of 24 facets
  • Rose cuts are handcrafted

Flat Base

Unlike other diamond types with a shape that tapers downwards, rose cut diamonds are flat on the bottom. They have a dome-shaped top with all the facets in the diamond. The flat base has no facets, and diamond cuts are usually transparent. 

A Maximum of 24 Facets

The rose cut diamond has three to 24 facets. As a result, its shine differs from other diamond types, as it’s not brilliant like other diamond types. 

On the other hand, brilliant-cut diamonds have 57 to 50 facets. 


The rose cut diamonds available in the market today are vintage diamonds. Newer rose cuts also require the same level of expert craftsmanship using the original method. They need highly experienced diamond cutters to enhance the unique characteristics of every rose cut diamond.

Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

3 diamond rings in framed circles

They are perfect for romantic settings as rose cut diamonds provide a delicate sparkle and vintage feel. That explains why rose cut engagement rings are becoming popular. It is the perfect ring if your spouse loves antique-inspired and vintage jewelry. 

A major advantage of rose cuts is that they allow diamond cutters to form various shapes. They include classic rounds, ovals, and squares. 

Pros and Cons of Rose Cut Diamonds


  • Rose cut diamonds appear bigger than brilliant cuts of the same carat weight. 
  • They are rare, providing a unique touch to your jewelry. You are less likely to meet someone with a rose cut engagement ring. 
  • Rose cut diamonds, including ovals, kites, and squares, come in different shapes. 
  • Their flat base provides a low profile, ensuring the ring sits closer to your finger. People with a more active lifestyle can wear rose cut rings comfortably. 


  • A rose cut diamond provides less sparkle and fire than a brilliant diamond cut. 
  • They contain imperfections (asymmetries) since all rose cut diamonds are handmade.


Is a Rose Cut Diamond More Expensive?

No, a rose cut diamond isn't more expensive. It is cheaper than a brilliant-cut diamond. It has less weight than a brilliant diamond cut of the same table width, and weight usually determines the price of a diamond. It means that a rose cut is more affordable for a bigger appearance. 

Are Rose Diamonds Valuable?

Yes, rose diamonds are valuable. Diamonds are rare stones, being among the most valuable minerals. Price information about rose diamonds isn't readily available because of their rare nature. 

What Is Meant by Rose Cut Diamond?

Rose cut diamonds derive their name from their shape, resembling an opening rosebud. The dome-shaped top of a rose cut diamond is covered in triangular facets that mimic the spiral arrangement of a rose's petals. 

When Did They Stop Using Rose Cut Diamonds?

People stopped using rose cut diamonds in the early 1900s when brilliant diamond cuts emerged. They had enjoyed popularity since the 15th century, having been used as a symbol of love. Rose cut diamonds are making a comeback, but most of those on the market are lab created.  

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