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What Does CT TW Diamond Mean? | Carat Total Weight Explained


Author: Paula Vysovska

Key Takeaways

  • CT TW Diamond is an abbreviation for Carat Total Weight.
  • Total carat weight describes the weight of the center stone or loose diamond.
  • The Carat weight of a diamond cannot be used as the only parameter to determine its value.
  • Total carat weight gives the weight of all the diamonds in a piece of jewelry and excludes other gemstones.

Many buyers fail to pay attention to this important detail and end up with an inferior product that doesn't match their expectations.

Don't let that happen to you; dive into this blog post as we explore what each part of 'CT TW' signifies so that you can make an informed decision on your next diamond ring purchase!

What Does CT TW Diamond Mean?

'Carat Total Weight' or 'total carat weight', abbreviated as 'CT TW', is a double-barreled acronym. It combines the words' Carat' and 'Total Weight' of a diamond.

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Carat Total Weight indicates the total weight of all diamonds in a piece of jewelry, such as an engagement ring or necklace. For example, a golden chain may have six diamonds weighing 0.5 carats each for 3 carats (6 × 0.5ct = 3ct). It would be 3CT TW on the jewelry piece.

If you're looking for an engagement ring with a combination of emeralds and diamonds, the CT TW will not include the weight of your emeralds. It's important to realize that companies who use lab-created diamonds also utilize CT TW measurements – so it doesn't always denote natural diamond weight alone.

Is CT TW of Diamond an Accurate Representation of Value?

No, it's not! It may surprise you that two rings with the same total carat weight can have drastically different prices. It is due to the ratio of center stone weight versus melee stone weights.

For instance, a diamond engagement ring featuring a diamond cluster of five smaller diamonds and one Carat in its center stone could cost far less than another with a single 1-carat diamond surrounded by two larger accent stones.

Carat, Carat weight, the Total weight of a Diamond.-What’s the Relationship?

When purchasing a diamond ring, you may come across these similar yet distinct terms. This seemingly minor distinction can have significant implications for your budget – so it's critical to understand the difference between these phrases before making any decisions!

https://diamondexplainer.com/what-is-tw-diamond/https://diamondexplainer.com/what-is-tw-diamond/What is a Carat?

Carat is the standard measure in the jewelry industry to weigh precious stones, including diamonds. It refers to the physical size of a diamond based on weight, not necessarily on diamond's clarity or cut quality.

Carat weight is important when buying diamonds, as it affects their price.

A single Carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. It can be divided into 100 points, so 0.01 carat is now a point. A diamond with a '50-point' carat would mean that the diamond weighs 0.5 a gram.

Carat is from the carob seed, used in ancient times by traders to measure the weight of diamonds. On average, a carob seed weighed 0.2 grams or one Carat.

The measurement has been standardized over time and applied to all precious stones, not just diamonds.

What is Carat’s Weight?

Carat weight is a unit of measure used to determine the size and weight of each center stone in a diamond ring.

This measurement indicates the center diamond or gemstone's overall size and mass. 

Does the Carat Weight of a Diamond Affect its Size?

Carats measure the weight of a diamond, not its size. A higher carat weight means a bigger diamond, but two diamonds with equal carat weights may differ in size because of their different cuts and shapes.

The shape of a diamond is the only thing that affects its size. Round cut diamonds and princess-cut diamonds on engagement rings tend to appear larger than other shapes of similar carat weight.

In contrast, elongated marquise shape, oval, pear, and emerald can often seem more petite.

A good analogy to this concept is the size of 1 kg of feathers and the exact weight of sand. Both weights are equal, but the volume of space occupied by the feathers is more.

Therefore, don't assume high-carat weights mean large sizes when shopping for diamond jewelry – consider all factors before purchasing your stone!

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What Does TW Diamond Mean?

Total Weight (TW) refers to the combined carat weight of all diamonds in a particular set or piece of jewelry.

For example, if you were looking at a diamond ring with four diamonds, each weighing 0.25 carats, the total weight of all the diamonds would be 1.00cts (0.25 + 0.25 + 0.25 + 0.25 = 1.00).

It is important to remember the term TW diamond when shopping for diamond jewelry because it will help you get an accurate impression of the size and impact of the piece.

The total weight is also helpful when comparing different parts or sets. For example, a necklace might have one large 3-carat diamond, while another may have multiple diamonds totaling 3cts in weight—both would be '3ct TW'.


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What’s a Loose Diamond?

A loose diamond is a stone that has been cut and polished. It still needs to be set into jewelry. Loose diamonds can come in various shapes, cuts, and colors; they are evaluated according to their 4Cs: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. Loose diamonds are usually purchased by those who plan to have them set into jewelry, or one can buy them as a collector's item.

How Many CTs is a Good Diamond?

A good diamond will ultimately be the one that meets your personal preferences. There isn't a one-fits-all answer to this question, as what pleases you may not be what pleases another person. However, a higher CT may have more value in terms of monetary value.

What Other Elements Should You Consider in a Diamond?

Other elements when selecting a diamond include color, clarity, and the cut.

For example, color has a scale that ranges from D (the best) to Z (the worst).

Clarity is on an 11-point scale.

The cut is also significant because it affects how much light is reflected, impacting the diamond's overall sparkle.

What is 1/10 CT TW Genuine Diamond?

A1/10 CT TW genuine diamond is the smallest diamond, weighing only 0.1 carat (or 10 points). It is typically used as accent diamonds and can make a stunning addition to any piece of jewelry.

The TW stands for 'total weight,' meaning that all the stones included in the jewelry add up to 0.1 carat.

This genuine diamond is cut from the highest grade of natural diamond, making it a luxurious and valuable addition to any piece of jewelry. Its sparkle and color will last for generations, adding beauty and value to any collection.

How Much is a 1 CT TW Diamond?

One carat diamond costs $1300 and above. Diamond prices, however, keep fluctuating in the different diamond jewelry depending on the diamond's total carat weight and other factors, as discussed above.

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