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What Diamond Cut Looks Biggest? | Does This Illusion Matter In Terms of Value?


Author: Alene Geed

Key Takeaways

  • How big a diamond appears depends on various factors, including shape.
  • The most popular diamond shapes are round, princess, radiant, cushion, pear, oval, heart, marquise, asscher, and emerald.
  • A round-cut diamond appears bigger than other cuts of the same carat weight and size.
  • Complex-cut diamonds look smaller.

What Diamond Cut Looks Biggest?

Whether experienced or new in the world of diamonds, you have at some point heard about the four main aspects defining the quality of a diamond. These factors are color, cut, carat, and clarity, and they usually conflict.

For example, to get a higher color grade and clarity, you need to sacrifice the diamond's weight, unless the price factor doesn't limit you. Many jewelry fans prefer bigger diamonds to small, delicate ones.

But what diamond cut is the biggest? Let’s unearth the answer to this question. Regardless of having the same carat weight, some diamond shapes appear bigger compared to others. Here are the shapes that look the biggest:

Emerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut works perfectly with higher-clarity grade stones and the best part is that you don't sacrifice quality to get an emerald-cut diamond. Emerald cut diamonds have a wider surface area and display an endless mirror effect. If all things remain constant, emerald-cut diamonds will provide the largest illusion size.

emerald cut diamond ring

Oval Cut Diamond

If you want something basic, an oval-cut diamond is a perfect option. Affordable than a round cut diamond, an oval cut diamond exhibits the same intense sparkle, and as a result of its elongated surface, an oval diamond appears bigger.

oval cut diamond ring

Marquise-Cut Diamond

Similar to oval-cut diamonds, marquise-cut diamonds have an elongated shape that makes them look longer and larger. The elongated shape also makes the finger look slender. While not the most sought-after compared to other diamond shapes, a marquise cut diamond is an ideal option if you love a chic and modern diamond cuts. Introducing a halo design might be the best way to protect the elongated ends and also make them look bigger.

marquise cut diamond ring

Pear Cut Diamond

Like emerald and oval cuts, the pear cut also has an elongated shape. A pear-cut diamond's sharp tip makes the rounded end wider, making it appear larger. Another benefit a pear-shaped diamond offers is that it isn't popular compared to other different shapes, meaning it’s affordable. On top of that, it comes with a higher carat weight for the same price than most other shapes in any jewelry store.

pear cut diamond ring

What is the Biggest Diamond Shape?

A round-cut diamond has the biggest look out of all the shapes available, and that’s why it isn't an accident that it is the priciest and most popular diamond out there. If a jeweler cuts a round diamond well, it'll give an illusion of being 0.5x larger than all cuts as long as other features remain the same.

Jewelry fans love round-cut diamonds because they produce the most sparkle and brilliance. With a round brilliant cut diamond, the dispersion and brilliance will astound in any type of diamond engagement ring. Even if a round cut doesn't offer the largest face-up surface, its intense brilliance makes it look bigger!

a round cut diamond ring

Which Diamond Shape Looks Smallest?

A few diamond cuts have a higher carat weight in their bases, and as a result, they don’t have a large appearance on the top. When looking for the biggest diamond shape, you might avoid such bottom-heavy cuts as well. Here are the shapes you need to avoid if you’re looking for larger stone cuts.

Cushion Cuts

Cushion cuts have a luxurious appeal that attracts many diamond engagement ring enthusiasts. A cushion cut diamond looks casual and minimal but offers a modern feel simultaneously. While a cushion-cut diamond doesn’t have a large table on the top, more carats are deep-set.

To purchase a cushion cut that appears equally large as the likes of oval diamonds or round diamonds, you’ll need to spend a significant amount of money on the additional carat weight.

Asscher Cuts

Regardless of falling into the step-cut group like trillion cuts and emerald cuts, an asscher cut does not appear as larger as its colleagues. An asscher cut is another massive no if you want to purchase a bigger impact engagement ring on a budget.

Princes Cuts

Similar to a cushion shape, a princess cut looks chic and classic. If you're after a diamond that looks big, a princess cut isn’t a perfect choice for you. Though brilliant as a round-cut diamond and relatively affordable, a princess cut has a big carat size at the bottom, meaning it doesn’t have a large face-up area.

3 different diamond cuts

How Can I Make My Diamond Engagement Ring Bigger?

Diamond experts use several techniques to make sure a diamond cut looks bigger to any potential customer, and here are the most common ways:

Halo Setting

Many small side stones cost less compared to big stones. Despite being affordable, they add a lot of sparkle than a bigger stone with the same weight. A halo setting also provides enough room for creativity, and allows you to surround the main stone or center diamond with colored gemstones.

Prioritize Cut

Don't overlook a cut grade if you want a diamond for your engagement ring to look bigger. A well-cut diamond has excellent brilliance, which makes it look bigger to the eye. So, you should choose a diamond with an excellent cut grade.

Consider Lower Diamond Color and Clarity

Clarity and color don’t have a significant impact on how big a diamond appears. If the size is your priority, you can maximize your budget by going lower in diamond clarity and color.

Being flexible in terms of clarity and color grades provides some room in your budget for a piece of diamond that is higher in carats yet still has an excellent cut.

Choose a Bright White Setting

Precious metals like white gold and platinum can make a diamond on your engagement ring look bigger. A shiny bright metal will help reflect the center stone of your engagement rings like a mirror, increasing the appearance size.

various diamond rings

How Big of a Diamond Ring Should I Purchase?

There are several factors to keep in consideration when buying a center diamond for your engagement ring. Deciding the amount of carats your engagement rings should have depends on your needs and requirements. Always remember bigger doesn't mean better, and the size of your center diamond should be proportionate to the size of your finger.

Final Thoughts: How Diamond Shapes Affect Face-Up Size

Diamonds that have a rounded end look bigger and this is because the rounded ends create a visual illusion of having a large diamond on your perfect engagement ring. Aside from round cuts, diamonds with elongated lines also look bigger. By knowing which type of shaped diamonds look bigger, you can now buy a perfect diamond ring for yourself.

FAQs about What Diamond Shape Looks the Biggest

What Cut Makes a Diamond Look the Largest?

Four cuts make a diamond look the largest, which include round, oval, emerald, marquises, and pear shape. A round cut or oval diamond is a great choice.

What Setting Makes a Diamond Look Biggest?

A halo setting makes a diamond look the biggest. This setting involves metal bands around the main diamond, which make it appear bigger in diameter.

Does a Round or Oval Diamond Look Bigger?

Oval and round-cut diamonds look bigger. However, under the same conditions, oval-cut diamonds are approximately 10% larger than their round-cut counterparts.

What Shape of Diamond Looks the Biggest Per Carat?

Round-cut diamonds are larger in size by carats compared to pear-shaped diamonds and other cuts. They don't have a deeper diameter.

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