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Our Founder

Headshot of Sandra Gillespie
Sandra Gillespie

founder of diamond explainer

As a Graduated Gemologist, Sandra always felt that there is nothing quite like the feeling of holding one of these precious gems in her hand and watching as it catches the light and sparkles with a radiance that is unmatched by any other precious stone.

With their mesmerizing shine and glitter, diamonds have captured the hearts and imaginations of people for centuries. Sandra is no exception. Her fascination with diamonds was the initial inspiration for her to start Diamond Explainer and share her experience and her love for diamonds with our readers.

Our Sparkling Writers 

A headshot of David Kopelman
David Kopelman


In every article that David writes, he shares his experience as a GIA Graduated Gemologist so that you learn everything about diamonds and other precious stones.

A photo of Alene Geed
Alene Geed

contributing writer

Alene is a published writer and an amazing jewelry designer. She uses gold, steel and silver, and adds gemstones to enhance the beauty of her sparkling pieces of jewelry.

A photograph of Paula Vysovska
Paula Vysovska


Paula has a strong background in editorial roles. She oversees all Diamond Explainer content on the topics related to fine jewelry, precious gemstones, and the diamond industry in general.

Our On-Page Specialists

Meet the Team
Dusan Stanar

seo specialist

Makes sure that we are highly-ranked so that you can easily find us.

A headshot of Tara Djurovic
Tara Djurovic

research  specialist

Keeps up with the latest  trends in the diamonds and precious stones niche.

A headshot of Ana Stanar
Ana Stanar

Design specialist

Creates mesmerizing visuals to showcase diamonds, other gems, and jewelry.