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Diamonique Review | Enchanting Sparkle at Affordable Prices at QVC


Author: Alene Geed

We all know that diamonds are highly sought-after due to their beauty, durability, and rarity but often come with a hefty price tag, making them out of reach for many individuals.

That's where cubic zirconia, also known as CZ, comes into the picture. Cubic zirconia is a diamond simulant or double, designed to closely resemble real diamonds in appearance, hardness, and even sparkle.

We will explore the brand of cubic zirconia called Diamonique, which is offered by QVC in this Diamonique review.

QVC Shop

I have a ton of Diamonique jewelry from the QVC store. From a stunning three-stone ring to an engagement ring, an elegant eternity band, and even a tasteful wedding band for my husband; my collection boasts a variety of Diamonique pieces.

I love the QVC shop because of its reputation as a prominent player in the world of cubic zirconia jewelry.

Had a Good Shopping Experience

Shopping for Diamonique jewelry at QVC has also been a pleasant experience. The convenience of browsing their extensive selection online and having the items delivered to my doorstep adds to the overall satisfaction.

Their customer service is commendable, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience.

Have a Brilliant Sparkle

Another main reason I keep returning to buy earrings and rings with simulated diamonds from QVC is their quality. Each piece I own is crafted with precision and attention to detail.

The stones possess a brilliant sparkle that rivals real diamonds, making them indistinguishable from the naked eye. I have Diamonique set in white gold, another in platinum, and some in yellow gold.

Diamonique jewelry

Diamonique is more Brilliant than Natural Diamonds

It is worth noting that Diamonique is more brilliant than natural diamonds however cubic zirconia's sparkle does not last; mostly for 2 years and that’s why they are affordable.

The expert craftsmanship and cutting techniques used in the production of Diamonique stones contribute to their exceptional brilliance, making them an attractive option for jewelry enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, and Rings

Diamonique truly captivates with its collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings with cubic zirconia crystals of different cuts such as princess, cushion, emerald, and even round.

The versatility of their collection allows me to express my personal style and create different looks effortlessly. I can confidently wear my Diamonique jewelry to formal events, and everyday outings, or even dress them up for a special occasion.

Images of Diamonique jewelry


Another aspect that makes Diamonique jewelry so appealing is its affordability. While real diamonds can be prohibitively expensive, from between $2,000 to $16,000, Diamonique provides an affordable alternative.

A Diamonique ring, either an engagement ring or a wedding band set in gold or Sterling Silver costs around $50 to $100.

With this affordable price, I am able to indulge in my love for beautiful jewelry without breaking the bank. It's a win-win situation that allows me to expand my collection and enjoy the experience of wearing stunning pieces.

Hardness and Durability

It is essential to acknowledge that Diamonique does not possess the same level of durability and hardness as genuine diamonds.

While diamonds are renowned for their hardness with a Mohs scale of 10, Diamonique, a Cubic Zirconia, has a Mohs hardness scale of 8.5.

At first glance, this difference may not appear significant, but it is important to note that Diamonique is relatively more prone to scratches and abrasions.

Images of jewelry from QVC

Take Your Diamonique Jewelry off When Doing Any Strenuous Activity

Due to its susceptibility to damage, it is advisable to exercise caution while wearing Diamonique jewelry. Avoid wearing them during strenuous activities such as gardening, swimming, and other sports.

Engaging in these activities while wearing Diamonique pieces increases the risk of scratching or even dislodging the stones. It is, therefore, prudent to refrain from wearing Diamonique jewelry during such tasks to ensure its longevity.

Keep Diamonique Jewelry Clean

To enhance the lifespan of Diamonique jewelry, take proper care. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme environments so as to preserve its appearance and quality longer.

When cleaning Diamonique jewelry, it is recommended to use mild solutions and gentle techniques to prevent unnecessary damage. Regularly inspecting the jewelry for loose stones or signs of wear is also important to address any potential issues promptly.


Is Diamonique Jewelry Real?

Yes, Diamonique Jewelry is real as it’s a jewelry line made of Cubic Zirconia. Diamonique is a trade name associated with QVC Inc., and its jewelry pieces are typically set in various materials such as white gold, platinum, yellow gold, and sterling silver.

While the gemstones used in Diamonique Jewelry mimic the look of diamonds, they are synthetic and not genuine diamonds. Diamonique offers an affordable alternative for those who desire the appearance of high-quality jewelry without the expense of real diamonds.

Is Diamonique The Same As CZ?

Yes, Diamonique and CZ (Cubic Zirconia) are essentially the same things. Diamonique is a brand of jewelry that specifically uses Cubic Zirconia as its primary gemstone. CZ is a synthetic crystalline material that closely resembles the appearance of diamonds.

It is a popular alternative to natural diamonds due to its affordability and brilliance. Therefore, when referring to Diamonique, one is essentially referring to jewelry that incorporates CZ stones as diamond substitutes.

How Do You Make Diamonique Shine?

Diamonique can get dirty quickly and lose its luster when engaging in activities such as gardening, cleaning dirty surfaces, etc. To make Diamonique shine, there are a few effective methods that one can use.

One approach is to use an ultrasonic cleaner, which employs high-frequency sound waves to remove dirt and grime from the surface of the stone.

Another option is to clean it with mild soap and water, using a soft brush or cloth to gently scrub away any residue. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth. These methods help restore the brilliance of Diamonique, making it sparkle and shine once again.

Is Diamonique or Cubic Zirconia For You?

Diamonique is a suitable choice for individuals seeking an affordable alternative to diamond jewelry. It offers a cost-effective option that shines brightly, making it visually appealing.

Moreover, if you don't mind replacing your jewelry after a few years, Diamonique offers an appealing option.

Also, if you're uncertain about investing in diamond jewelry and are still exploring your options, Diamonique can be an ideal solution. It allows you to enjoy the beauty and brilliance of a diamond-like stone without committing to a long-term investment.

About the Author:

Alene Geed

I am a published writer and an experienced jewelry designer. In my designs, I use gold, steel and silver, and adds gemstones to enhance the beauty of my unique, sparkling pieces of jewelry.

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